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Your Search for Blowby Led You Here for a Reason

Your mechanic just told you that you have blow by. Panic starts to set in as you imagine the thousands of dollars it’s going to cost you to get it fixed. So you do what anyone else would do, you turn to Google for the answers – and hopefully a solution that won’t leave your pockets empty. Am I right? If so, you’re about to get very excited…

What is blowby?

Blowby is when the rings in your engine don’t seal against the cylinder walls as the burning gases are trying to drive the piston down in the power stroke of of your gas or diesel engine. Instead, some of the hot expanding gases blow by the rings into the crankcase below and you lose that power and gas mileage.
Sound familiar? Many of you may have tried thicker oils. Using thicker oil or oil additives to seal the ring sometimes helps in the very short term. But this will do little to reduce friction heat. Oils break down quickly when they heat up. So running a thicker oil just hides the problem for a little while. Restore Engine restorer and similar soft metal based products have microscopic particles in them that help fill the damaged areas for a better seal, but are so temporary that you have to add them at every oil change; basically every 3000 to 5000 miles.

So what can you do about blow by?

The thing you need to know is this… blow by is actually a symptom of the real problem. Engine wear. To get real, long-term results you have to fix the damage that has been done to the cylinder walls and ring edges so the ring seals again. You can spend thousands of dollars and a couple of weeks in the mechanic shop having your engine rebuilt. No doubt that works best, but it is expensive. You can also replace your engine with a crate motor or a used engine out of a wrecked car; also not cheap or without down time.

But there is another (much less expensive) solution…Engine ceramics.

Specifically, ceramic resurfacing of the metal parts that wear on each other. Remember, it is that wear that causes blow by. So all those pits and grooves that have developed over the years can be repaired with space-age nano-technology. This is the same technology that keeps a $35,000 racing engine purring away almost effortlessly at 200+ miles per hour!

How it works. Ten years ago, there was a move to find a better way and ceramics were leading the way. What we found was a type of engine ceramics that use the friction in the metal to metal contact to create microscopic ceramic patches that build up and repair the ring and cylinder surfaces so that they seal again. They also repair the other metal to metal surfaces that are lubricated by the oil – the bearings, journals, wrist pins and the lifters as well as any lobes in the in the overhead cam systems that activate the valves; all without gumming up the works – which was the hard part. One of the neat parts about these engine ceramics is that they stop building once the fit is right because the friction is cooled down. Engine ceramics provide long term repair, lower operating temps, reduced blowby and increased compression. They are tested and documented. (You can see the test result here: So if you searched for blowby, blow by, engine blowby, oil blowby, or diesel blowby, you were probably looking for a less expensive alternative to the expensive solutions of 1) overhauling your engine or 2) replacing the engine.

The solution? CerTech Gels is the inexpensive solution you were looking for.

You can think of it as an overhaul that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. We like to think of it as “better engines through chemistry”. Any questions, give our technical guys a call and ask away. Our toll-free number is (800) 653-3484. My team is trained to give you the facts. If you need to do something else, they will tell you straight. We won’t exaggerate what CerTech Gels can do.

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