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Why do Mechanics Use CerTech Gels Engine Ceramics?

Because they know that these engine ceramics work.

Repairing friction surfaces inside the engines. That makes engines last longer for their customers.

But doesn’t that mean less work for them?
Well, yeah if you are talking catastrophic engine rebuilds. But the truth is – most people will get rid of their old car before they will spend a couple thousand on a catastrophic engine rebuild.

When a customer is concerned that their engine is getting old, the last thing they want to hear the mechanic say is that down the line he will need to rebuild or replace his engine. That is going to cost $1,400 to $5,000 depending on what the engine is and how the mechanic approaches the solution.

The mechanic knows from experience that when engines get rebuilt or replaced there is often something that doesn’t get done right or the engine runs differently than the customer expected. Why not avoid that whole issue completely?

Mechanics use CerTech Gels because it is the only ceramic technology that actually replaces worn surfaces while you drive. Using molecular technology, ceramic scales are bonded into the surface of the worn metal. They actually reshape the cylinders, rings, bearings and lifters so that they fit properly again. And the material they use is harder and smoother than the surface that the factory put on.

Proven safe for over 12 years, this patented technology embeds itself 3-5 microns into the surface. It has never damaged any engine surface and is guaranteed to work or you get your money back.

That is why mechanics use CerTech Gels.

The smart mechanic will make his money on brakes, oil changes, tune-ups, “check engine light” sensors mufflers and light bulbs. He keeps his customer happy by providing the added value of an engine that runs smooth and powerful even in its higher mileage years. Find more information at the website:

That is the key to having a customer for life. Mechanics use CerTech Gels for satisfied customers.

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