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CerTech Gels is an engine treatment that is added to your oil where it rebuilds the surfaces of your engine. Using chemistry and friction it creates a new ceramic surface that is harder and smoother than what the factory put on. The parts fit together as if they were new. Proven over the last 12 years in commercial use, the process is patented and laboratory proven. The result is a long lasting surface that often avoids the need to overhaul or rebuild your engine. Restored cylinder compression improves combustion to increase horsepower, reduces oil burning, maximizes fuel mileage and restores peak engine performance. With a 100% safety rating, CerTech Gels has never damaged an engine.

  • Fix Blowby
  • Improve Compression
  • Stop Smoking
  • Eliminate Knock
  • Quiet Lifters
  • Recover Oil Pressure
  • Extend Engine Life

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