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Turbo Diesel CerTech Gel Engine Repair Kit

(22 customer reviews)

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CerTech Gels is an engine treatment that is added to your oil where it rebuilds the surfaces of your engine. Using chemistry and friction it creates a new ceramic surface that is harder and smoother than what the factory put on. The parts fit together as if they were new. Contains 4 tubes 8ml each.

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22 reviews for Turbo Diesel CerTech Gel Engine Repair Kit

  1. Javier garcia

    Great product I have 2001 ford f550 7.3 turbo diesel

  2. jonathan joseph m dumalag

    does your certech gel product has here in the philippines?where can i buy?tnxs

    • Bob

      We ship to the Philippines through our Singapore agent. We will email you his contact information.

  3. Lash L Hoges

    Hey..I have a 01 classic with a lot of blowby. I been hearing about this product and was wondering if it really works

    • Bob

      Over 15 years we have been treating engines of all types. Yes it does work. Check out the independent comments throughout the web for back up as well as the info on this website. Thank you. Bob Pond

  4. social

    Can i use this on a class 8 semi truck with a diesel engine such as a FreightLiner ? If so, how much of this stuff will I need?

    • Bob

      For a Class VIII, use 2 of the Heavy Duty Engine tubes.

  5. ralph suniga

    This is available here in the Philippines?

  6. Brandon Taylor

    I have a 6.0 F250 how many tubes would I need

    • Bob

      If the blowby is moderate, the Turbo diesel will get the job done, however if it is more significant, then order 1 of the Heavt Duty Diesel tubes.

  7. Dondon Mendoza

    Hi! Mine is a Mazda BT50 3.2liter 5 cylinder diesel engine. It has smoke coming out of the dip stick and oil cap. Is this the right product to fix my blow by engine? And where can i buy this? And how many i need for my engine? Im from Philippines. Thanks.

    • Bob

      Ow Mun Chong provides CerTech Gels in the Philippines.
      I have copy him.

      He will contact you.

  8. Nathan

    Does this product need to be added often or is it a one time fix, how long does it last?

    • Bob

      The product is long lasting. Typically 50,000 to 70,000 miles.

  9. JD Trigueros

    i have a detroit series 60 i wonder if it would work on it and how much do I need to used??

  10. Michael

    Any agent here in Australia

  11. belleza_bernard

    How to buy ? How to order. Im in the philippines.

  12. Bob

    For the Philippines, Ow Mun Chong is our representative out of Singapore. I will copy him with your email info.

  13. Mr. Nichols

    I am living in England and I have a 2001 ford transit diesel van with a 2400cc engine four cylinder and it has blowby how much I will need to put into it, and where will I get it to buy in England? In reply: Thanks for the question. That engine will use 3 tubes for treatment. Order the pack that we call V8 Muscle Car Treatment for 3 tubes and follow directions. You can get shipment from the US to the UK through the site by choosing “International Shipping” at checkout.

  14. David

    Hello Bob, I have a hilux 1 kd engine showing more than normal blowby as mechanic says. Oil is coming out dip stick and a lot of oil fumes is going out of top cover cover tube that goes back down to turbo. The turbo now seems to push that oil and fume through intetcooler and to inlet manifold. When I remove the oil cover smoke puffs up. What product should I use?

    • Bob

      That will take 3 tubes for treatment. Order the V8 product that we provide here in the US. It is the same quantity that you need.

  15. Raymond

    Any plave in south Africa to buy the products

    • Bob

      Best way is for us to ship direct to you through our website Choose international shipping at checkout. We have no distributors in South Africa. Thank you.

  16. Bradley Englund

    Hey I have a 3406B cat motor with 613217 ish miles on it and you can see the smoke pouring out of it. How much do I need for my cat motor?

    • Bob

      A 3406 CAT will take 2 or the Heavy Duty Diesel Tubes.

  17. Brandon

    I have a 1999 Chevy K3500 6.5 Detroit diesel I have blow bye not that bad but quite a bit of white smoke that comes out What do I need

    • Bob

      Brandon, I would use one of the Heavy Duty Diesel tubes. Half with the existing oil for 100 miles and then the other half tube with the fresh oil. That 2nd half tube will be kept in through your normal oil change interval.

  18. Andrew

    Hi, the name is Andrew and I have a 1.9 tdi vw new beetle. Just purchased from Craigslist. Went to go have it smogged and passed. Was wondering what certec gel kit I should buy just incase there are normal wears and tears? Thank you..

    • Bob

      We recommend 2 tubes for that healthy 1.9 liter diesel engine. If it had not passed smog, then 3 tubes would be the proper dose. However with a healthy engine use the 4 and 6 cylinder engine product according to directions.

  19. Michael Nichols

    I have a c15acert cat and it’s got over a million miles on it will it work in my engine.

    • Bob

      CerTech Gels resurfaces with 3 to 9 thousandths ceramics. Assuming the wear is within those ranges and the engine is otherwise sound, this is a good option. Congrats on hitting the million miles – you have taken good care of that engine.

  20. Austen White

    I have an 08 f350 6.4 diesel with a tremendous amount of blow by, what would you recommend?

    • Bob

      I recommend 1 of the Heavy Duty Diesel tubes. Add half to the existing oil according to directions and change the oil after 100 miles. Then add the other half to the fresh oil. That 6.4 with significant blowby will require more product, so the Heavy Duty Diesel is perfect.

  21. Tony Guerrero

    Can i have the email or contact of Ow Mun Chong…im interested with your product,…will this work for isuzu crosswind, engine is 4JA1. I am from Philippines

    • Bob

      Thank you Tony. Ow Mun Chong handles the sales to the Philippines and I have sent you his email directly.

  22. Jake

    I have a diesel pusher Motorhome with 45k on it. The engine has a low compression no start issue. 1999 Cummins ISC300 8.3l. What product is best for me?

    • Bob

      With 45,000, on a 1999 Cummins it sounds more like stuck rings for lack of regular operation. While there are cleaning systems that might free those rings, CerTech Gels will also solve the issue. Use one of the Heavy Duty Diesel tubes. 1/2 in the existing oil and then after 100 miles of driving (4 hours idling if you wish). Then change the oil and add the remaining tube to the fresh oil. Note: this requires getting that engine running, which requires over coming the low compression issue. If the engine cannot be started, check out some of the cleaning products.

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