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CerTech Gels for Vintage Car Engines


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CerTech Gels is an engine treatment that is added to your oil where it rebuilds the surfaces of your engine. Using chemistry and friction it creates a new ceramic surface that is harder and smoother than what the factory put on. The parts fit together as if they were new. Contains 3 tubes 8ml each.



Vintage engines Are typically worn and have a history of sitting for periods of time between use resulting in burning oil and blowby. Engine wear is a partial issue, but stuck rings is very dynamic in causing blowby. More importantly, parts are harder to obtain and keeping original numbers can be an issue. Tests show that CerTech Gels creates a new ceramic surface repairing 3 to 9 thousandths of cylinder and ring wear by imbedding 3 to 5 microns into the surface of both the cylinder walls and the rings. Rings become unstuck and tolerances are corrected for proper seal. Bearings and journals obtain similar repair as well as the lifters and other cams and lobes lubricated by the engine oil. Broken rings and holes in pistons will still need to be replaced, but engine wear is corrected by this new ceramic surface.


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