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Independent Lab Tested in the United States and Europe

CerTech Gels are formulated by RVS Technology in Finland. RVS holds the original patent on this technology.

United States Testing Results

Claude Travis & Associates

SAE J1321 Verified for:
  • Reduction of Blowby
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Increased Fuel Economy
“The installation of CerTech Gels Technology in the diesel engine used to power the test vehicle demonstrated a significant improvement in fuel economy. CerTech Gels Technology used in this test series also resulted in an increase of horsepower coupled with a marked reduction in engine ‘blow-by’, which will contribute to increased engine miles to overhaul. The dyno test is usually only used to verify the soundness of the engine. The increase in horsepower and reduction in blow-by was so dynamic that we included the dyno results in the final J1321 report. I was impressed with this product.”

Claude J. Travis, President Claude Travis and Associates.

j1321pdf Claude Travis & Associates
SAE J1321 Test Report
April 22, 2008
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Europe Testing Results


Franhofer Technologie-Entwicklungsgruppe (now part of Research Institutes of Stuttgart, Germany)

1988 Ford Fiesta with low compression and cylinder wall wear and scoring. Low compression is a power thief and gas hog. The scoring and damaged cylinder walls cause friction, heat and are a major cause of the low compression values. CerTech Gels are proven to restore compression.
Measurements confirm the ceramic material layer of 4-5 microns added after treatment. CerTech Gels are proven to resurface metal with ceramics.

Franhofer-tegFranhofer TEG Compression
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More Testing Results from Europe



  • Fuel Economy
  • Emissions
Before the CerTech Gels RVS Technology entered retail sales in Europe, TUV (Europe’s largest independent testing agency) tested and verified the fuel economy improvement claims made by RVS. For the same reason that fuel economy improved, the emissions readings dropped. Worn engine surfaces were rejuvenated, causing the rings to seal better against the cylinder walls. This enabled the fuels to burn more completely resulting in fewer emissions, particularly CO and CO2.
CerTech Gels are proven to improve fuel economy.”

TUV SUD report Fuel Economy Emissions
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Cylinder and bearings resurfaced with CerTech Gels.
The Bearings measured within mfr specs after this ceramic repair.

Fix blowby, engine ceramics Fix blowby, engine ceramics

Microscopic photos of surface
before during and after treatment with the CerTech Gels Technology

Fix blowby, engine ceramics Fix blowby, engine ceramics Fix blowby, engine ceramics

Customer report of compression improvement after 4000 miles with CerTech Gels.

Damaged bearing resurfaced with CerTech Gel Technology
Before, midway and after treatment.

Increase in horsepower 18.6 HP After using CerTech Gels Technology

Disclaimer: The condition of every engine is different. Therefore results vary. Your results may be better or worse than those presented. What will remain the same is that when you follow the instructions, the ceramic surface will form, optimizing tolerances and repairing worn surfaces. Severe conditions may require additional product and time perhaps applied in a different manner, which the technicians at Certech Gels are trained to assist with. CerTech Gels will not repair broken rings, broken ring lands, gaskets, seals or valves. Use for the resurfacing of metal to metal sliding friction surfaces. Direct all questions to qualified CerTech Gels experts at the contact locations on this website.