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What is CERTECH GELS and why should I use it?

Every engine gradually wears out as a result of friction during normal operation. Friction wear creates compression loss. Your engine has less power, rougher idle and sluggish acceleration. It can also increase oil burning and exhaust smoke, and reduce fuel economy. CERTECH GELS Engine Treatment repairs worn out areas in the cylinder walls to regain compression and improve engine performance.

How does CERTECH GELS work?

CERTECH GELS places a microscopic ceramic patch every time the metals of an engine strike each other. What would have been a spot tearing off becomes a new miracle surface. The damage turns into repair with a new surface stronger and smoother than the original and one that cannot peel or flake off.  This repair creates regained cylinder compression and more engine power.

How do I use CERTECH GELS?

CERTECH GELS repairs while you drive your car. You simply take off the oil filler cap and squirt the gels into the warmed up engine and drive your way to a harmonically balanced and repaired engine. The treatment lasts 50,000 to 65,000 miles.

Is CERTECH GELS safe to use in my engine?

Yes, CERTECH GELS repairs the damage that has been done over thousands of miles of operation and then stops when the tolerances are optimized. In over 10 years commercial use, no engine, transmission or differential has ever been damaged.

You will want to know that CERTECH GELS does not use anything harmful like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene),  acetone, chlorinated paraffins, isopropanol, naphthalene, xylene, sulphur compounds, or any other chemicals which could potentially harm the engine.

Do ASE Mechanics use CERTECH GELS?

Certified mechanics know and trust CerTech Gels, and have found them to be especially useful for older cars where an engine replacement is not an option.

Why would an auto mechanic use a Ceramic gel to repair an engine?  Truth is mechanics lose business because customers cannot afford repairs – simply not worth the investment of major engine repair work. A good mechanic will recognize that and offer an economical ceramic treatment to reverse the engine wear then fix the part that needs the repair.

The results are so dynamic that he will likely have a customer for life for the brakes, mufflers, sensors and tune-up that he likes to do. Once they understand and get experience with CerTech Gels, ASE Certified Mechanics add these to their tool box.

Will the CERTECH GELS particles pass through the oil filter?

Yes, they are extremely small and specifically manufactured to pass through the oil filter. Each CERTECH GELS particles average less than 5 microns in size which allows them to pass through the oil filter.

What are the benefits of using CERTECH GELS?

Using CERTECH GELS provides a long time benefit that lasts 50,000 miles. Then you perform a half treatment every 50,000 miles after that. These new surfaces will keep the compression of all cylinders at near original levels. You will feel more power and better acceleration as you drive.

You will also notice that it runs smoother and quieter because compression is balanced evenly across all cylinders. If your engine is burning oil and smoking because of blow-by, CERTECH GELS will solve that problem too.

We are so confident you will be happy with the results that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

When should CERTECH GELS be added to the engine oil?

Add the first tube of CERTECH GELS 100 to 250 miles before an oil change. Then add the next to the fresh oil. For larger engines, using more than 2 tubes, add one tube every 100 to 250 miles until fully treated. This provides fresh CERTECH GELS for maximum repair.

Does CERTECH GELS affect the motor oil?

No, CERTECH GELS only uses the oil to get to the friction points of repair.

What about using CERTECH GELS with “High-Mileage” motor oils?
Those types of motor oils are simply higher viscosity oil that cost more money. We recommend using a premium quality conventional motor oil.

Is CERTECH GELS compatible with synthetic oil?

Yes, CERTECH GELS may be used with any type of mineral or synthetic motor oil.

Can CERTECH GELS be used with other types of oil additives?

With CERTECH GELS there is no need to use any other additive and it can be used safely and effectively with any additive that you might have used.

Can CERTECH GELS be used in diesel engines?

Yes, CERTECH GELS is formulated for use in all diesel engines.

Can CERTECH GELS be used in engines with turbochargers?

Yes, CERTECH GELS enables turbochargers to spool up more quickly and is safe to use.

Can CERTECH GELS be used in motorcycles, lawnmowers and tractor engines?

Yes. CERTECH GELS is effective in all engines. Use half of a tube for small engines under 1,000 cc such as lawnmowers and most motorcycles. Over 1,000 cc, use the 2 tube size.

Why isn’t CERTECH GELS used more widely?

This product is not used by new car manufacturers because it would allow engines to last too long! It makes sense, doesn’t it? If your old car needed an expensive engine replacement, you would be more likely to purchase a new car sooner!

Where can I buy CERTECH GELS?

Click here to purchase CERTECH GELS online or call direct (800) 653-3484 and order over the phone.

What if I have questions not answered here?

For more information please call (800)-653-3484