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History CerTechGels

The History of CerTech Gels

The CerTech Gels Technology has a long history of extending engine life
and reducing blowby through ceramic resurfacing.

This ceramic resurfacing was first seen in the Soviet oil fields in the 1960’s. The drill bits on a Siberian oil rig were lasting longer than usual. In fact they were even sharper when they were brought up to be changed than when they were originally dropped down the hole. The crew took a sample of the soils that they were drilling in and sent them for analysis. Making a long story short, the minerals in this fluke formation were creating a reaction that was applying ceramics onto the cutting edges and actually sharpening the bits through ceramic resurfacing. This was the basis of the compounds used in the CerTech Gels Technology.

To refine and define the process, the project was assigned to the Soviet military. Scientists proceeded to apply the technology to engines of the Soviet Pacific Fleet. The result was that they were able to stay out longer between maintenance cycles and perform more dependably. In 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, this is one of the secrets that emerged. A couple of companies seized upon the technology to perfect it for the commercial market. In 2001, a Finnish company was awarded the patent and they are the exclusive manufacturer of this process. The results of this technology have undergone third party laboratory testing for emissions, fuel economy, ceramic resurfacing, blowby reduction and overall engine performance. This technology has been verified under SAE (US) and TUV (Europe) standards. These test results are the basis for our claims to this day.

In May of 2003 we first used the technology in our own vehicles here in America. The results were so immediate and dynamic that even a Ford Escape with only 40,000 miles showed measurable improvement. We were convinced that we had stumbled upon something very significant. Over the next few years, we saw similar results in all types of engines from small lawnmowers to massive rock quarry crushing equipment.

When the opportunity presented itself, Bob Pond bought the CerTech Gels brand in 2009. We now package and distribute the CerTech Gels products throughout our channels in America.