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Your Search for Blowby Led You Here for a Reason

Your mechanic just told you that you have blow by. Panic starts to set in as you imagine the thousands of dollars it’s going to cost you to get it fixed. So you do what anyone else would do, you turn to Google for the answers – and hopefully a solution that won’t leave your…
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Is blowby the silent killer of an internal combustion engine?

Over the last several weeks the discussion that has come up most often is the cost and effectiveness of different blow-by solutions. Things seem to head this way when the discussion begins with “just how different blowby itself can be from one case to another”. The frequency of this discussion has led us here. Blowby…
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Why do Mechanics Use CerTech Gels Engine Ceramics?

Because they know that these engine ceramics work. Repairing friction surfaces inside the engines. That makes engines last longer for their customers. But doesn’t that mean less work for them? Well, yeah if you are talking catastrophic engine rebuilds. But the truth is – most people will get rid of their old car before they…
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Preventative Maintenance with Engine Ceramics to Extend Engine Life

Preventative maintenance is what smart car owners do to keep their ride in good condition and save money on repairs. The Engine Ceramics that came on the scene brought a whole new focus. Why not use this nanotechnology to resurface all of the moving parts lubricated by oil with ceramics? Repair what has been worn…
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