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Bimmer Forum CerTech Gels Mention

Thousands of customers have used our CerTech Gels on every kind of vehicle you could imagine.
We recently found mention of a success story on the beautiful Riviera Blue BMW M5 (shown above) at the forum.

User RPiM5, we found his name is Dave, shared this insight:

So I took a real educated guess and guessed that because I removed my cats I was now about to see the smoke cause by engine oil blow by, which in turn was originally caused by the fact that I took it too easy on the engine in the very early stages of its life. I’m pretty certain that with the cats still in there I would have never known about this and I also think based on my research that most people who own F10 M5’s that have engines which consume more oil than not, also have blow by, but do not get smoke because their cats are still installed.

Attached is also something that I have researched as to how it can be addressed. So what solution did I ultiimately find?


I have bought the Certech Gel product and have already installed it in my engine and have been running it for the past 600 miles. So far so good. I haven’t seen any more smoke yet, but I will be keeping an eye out for it in the future. Usually I check by asking people who drive behind me if they see smoke.

Additionally, as someone who has had to replace an entire S85 V10 engine in their E60 M5 because it failed, I seriously wonder if it would have ever failed if I had put the Certech Gel in it. CertechGels, engine performance

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