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Burning Oil? You May Have Blowby

Do you have a routine where you check your oil often? New engines use very little oil, usually around a quarter to a half quart in 5000 miles. As the engine ages and normal wear sets in, oil consumption will naturally increase. High mileage engines; those with 75,000 miles or more; may even use as…
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Not all Blowby Solutions are Created Equal

Blow-by solutions are not equal in cost or effectiveness. Over the last several weeks the discussion that has come up most often is the cost and effectiveness of different blow-by solutions. That means it’s time to talk about the nature of different blowby solutions Blow-by is the silent killer of all things efficient in an…
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Bimmer Forum CerTech Gels Mention

Thousands of customers have used our CerTech Gels on every kind of vehicle you could imagine. We recently found mention of a success story on the beautiful Riviera Blue BMW M5 (shown above) at the forum. User RPiM5, we found his name is Dave, shared this insight: So I took a real educated guess…
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Ceramics, More Than Piggy Banks and Tile

It’s a Ceramics Revolution! They’re everywhere. Ceramics from motors to microchips and more. When most of us talk about ceramics we are likely looking to use tile for a home project, at the craft store looking at pottery, or throwing the latest vase on a wheel at the community center or studio. Some of us…
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