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I've known company CEO Bob for several years. When I mentioned in passing that my 2006 PT Cruiser was not performing like it used to, he suggested I try his product. Oh, my what a difference it made. Instead of the usual 0-60 in 5 minutes getting on the highway, I actually felt like there was an engine under the hood. The performance was better than when I got the car. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone having engine issues that doesn't want to spend 3 months salary on repairs. These little tubes of gold are wonderful!
Clare Cranford,
I have a fuel polishing company and added the CerTechGel technology to our flat bed diesel. It quieted down and there is no more smoke. I even get better fuel economy.
Larry, Costa Mesa, California
I bought a used Chrysler Sebring convertible. It is great on the highway and I love it. I added the CerTech Gels and Wow! What a difference! I thought it was quick when I bought it but now it is even smoother and quicker on the gas. Knew it would work because I used CerTech to fix my Jeep and got another 50,000 miles out of that one. Oh yeah. It saved my transmission in my Avalanche too. I use it in everything even my lawn mower. Thanks Bob.
Fred May, Bartlett, TN
I bought my VW 1979 bug and had to get into the engine right away. I put it back together and it worked a lot better, but it still ran rough and I was burning a quart of oil every 500 miles because I did not do everything that needed to be done. What a pain! My dad told me about the CerTechGel technology and I decided to try it. Now it runs great and doesn’t burn oil (that makes it smells better too.) the CerTechGel technology saved me from another engine rebuild. No more engine problems.
Chico, Illinois