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just back from a 12 day journey in the 22year old ford falcon. we did about 2500KM. the certech is still working miracles, it feels smoother, and using much less oil; in fact about normal now, it was leaking oil down the front of the head from the camshaft bung; so after a few hundred Kms of treatment I cleaned a strip and drove a few hundred kilometers, you can now run your finger along the front of the head it is bone dry; yet below you can see the old residue oil with dust stuck to it, so I lift the bonnet and show people this. it proves the crankcase pressure has dropped. I also put it into my auto trans which used to thump when changing gears; now unless your under heavy aceleration you can`t tell when it changes gear; it`s silk smooth!
Paul Carberry, Australia
Bob, thanks to your ceramic gel, I'm a happy Jeeper. I bought a 1993 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5 four cylinder engine. It ran awful. I did a compression check and had blowby in the #4 cylinder. Cost of rebuild was $900 if I brought the engine to them. So I bought a used engine for $500 from a man who just wanted to upgrade to a six cylinder for more power for rock climbing. then I found out about Certech gelsand I decided to try it before swapping engines. Worth a try, right? Did what you told me on the phone. Engine runs great. No more blowby and has even compression on all 4 cylinders. As you know I ordered more gel to put in some lawn mower engines. Will let you know how that works for me. Can hardly wait to try it.
Dean Kilgore, Poteet, TX
This powerful product saved my engine from premature death! When my mechanic checked my oil he said, "How long have you been driving it because there is not a drop of oil in this engine!". I said that I had driven it from Battle Creek to Three Rivers Michigan... maybe further! Then I thought back to the day that I had treated my engine with Certech Gels and the protection that it immediately provided! Thanks Certech Gels!
Miles Fitzpatrick, Lansing, Michigan
I was afraid I was going to have to have an expensive engine overhaul. My Isuzu Trooper has over 165,000 original miles. I put the CerTechGel technology in it and it runs so much smoother. The CerTechGel technology saved it from the bone yard. Believe me, with this economy, the last thing I needed to do was go out shopping for a replacement. Thanks to the CerTechGel technology, my Trooper has a lot of miles left in it. It worked so well that I am going to treat all fo my family and friends cars. I just bought a treatment for my old Toyota.
Lot, Temecula, California
I've known company CEO Bob for several years. When I mentioned in passing that my 2006 PT Cruiser was not performing like it used to, he suggested I try his product. Oh, my what a difference it made. Instead of the usual 0-60 in 5 minutes getting on the highway, I actually felt like there was an engine under the hood. The performance was better than when I got the car. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone having engine issues that doesn't want to spend 3 months salary on repairs. These little tubes of gold are wonderful!
Clare Cranford,
I have a fuel polishing company and added the CerTechGel technology to our flat bed diesel. It quieted down and there is no more smoke. I even get better fuel economy.
Larry, Costa Mesa, California
I bought a used Chrysler Sebring convertible. It is great on the highway and I love it. I added the CerTech Gels and Wow! What a difference! I thought it was quick when I bought it but now it is even smoother and quicker on the gas. Knew it would work because I used CerTech to fix my Jeep and got another 50,000 miles out of that one. Oh yeah. It saved my transmission in my Avalanche too. I use it in everything even my lawn mower. Thanks Bob.
Fred May, Bartlett, TN
I bought my VW 1979 bug and had to get into the engine right away. I put it back together and it worked a lot better, but it still ran rough and I was burning a quart of oil every 500 miles because I did not do everything that needed to be done. What a pain! My dad told me about the CerTechGel technology and I decided to try it. Now it runs great and doesn’t burn oil (that makes it smells better too.) the CerTechGel technology saved me from another engine rebuild. No more engine problems.
Chico, Illinois
The CerTechGel technology saved me from an expensive engine rebuild. My Jeep Cherokee has over 100,000 miles on it and one of the cylinders had low compression. I did not want to have to get the engine rebuilt, so I decided to try the CerTechGel technology. The first treatment made the engine run a little quieter, but I could still feel the bad cylinder. After the second treatment of the CerTechGel technology, I could tell I was getting better overall engine performance. It wasn’t until I added the third treatment of the CerTechGel technology and ran about 700 more miles that the engine smoothed out and gave me a lot better gas mileage. Cancel the engine overhaul.
Bill Dinger, Anaheim, California
I have an old Mercedes 300D with lots of miles on it – the diesel engine has over 200,000. the CerTechGel technology made such a difference in the sound and the power. The smoking stopped and I get about 2 mpg better fuel economy. I have saved a lot of auto repair.
Robert Forenza, Vermont
I was between a rock and hard place...10 year old Nissan Quest that after a very long vacation came home sounding like the lifters were shot...decided to take the path of least resistance rather than going to a shop a spending thousands..tried Certech Gels and literally after about 3 days the noise was gone. The car had 180,000 miles on it and must have had some ring wear too. Because after the treatment it had much more power and fuel mileage increased about 2 miles per gal. So I ordered some more for my 2004 Chevy Silverado 5 speed manual transmission truck. The syncronizers in the transmission were starting to make some noise. I added to the transmission..since I dont drive it a lot it took about a week and a half for the tranny to stop with the noises. As a preventive measure I added it the engine and rear end. I also went back and added it to my wifes transmisdion in her 2005 Quest. All is well. I now recommend it to my friends a couple of who have tried it in their dune buggies. They are also happy with the results.
Steve Elder, Manchester, MO
I purchased this product hoping that it might slow down my blow-by issue and not stop it. After one tube and nearly 500 miles, not only has it almost completely stopped the oil burning my gas mileage is back over 30 MPG. I just wanted the oil burning eliminated so the decrease in fuel consumption is an added bonus. All of my vehicles are 200,000 miles and over and I see no reason that I cannot take them to 400,000. Thank you Robert for offering such an affordable solution (and no car payments!)
David, US Postal Service Letter Carrier
Buy a hammer, hit a nail. Buy Certech Gels and get more power from your tired engine. It just works, every time. You'll know, like I do - in just a few miles you can say, "Oh cool." Your gas pedal works differently. I got a speeding ticket. I told the officer I just put Certech Gels in my car and I wasn't used to the extra power yet. Got off with a warning. How can you make that up? Buy it, try it and you'll buy more for every rig.
Daniel Wells, Medford, Oregon
Good morning Bob. I have an update. I decided to treat 3 engines that are in perfect condition. I did my old 1999 ford 7.3 diesel. It only has a 160 thousand kilometers of highway trailer pulling. It is in immaculate condition. I was going to change oil before winter and as my confidence level in the ceramics is increasing, I decided to add one tube before oil change. I drove a thousand kilometers. Changed the oil and added 1 more tube. This vehicle is driven little in the winter time. I intend to add 2 more tubes next spring before we start pulling on the hi-way. If the truck sits to long, it is my understanding that the ceramics will fall to the bottom of the oil pan. It would seam to me, that it would mix back up with hot oil when motor running again. Perhaps you could let me know on that. (Alden, 90% of the ceramics are on the metal within the first 50 miles, or 1 hour idling, so no concern of falling out in the oil.) My observations on the initial truck reaction, is that torque increased dramaticaly and the engine had a sweeter sound. This was followed by transmission shifting changes. I was watching for that as any change in engine power makes the computor adjust which signals the transmission shift pattern. The things I will look for this winter, is easier cold starts. I am looking forward to seeing shift patterns and fuel economy on a trip with the holiday trailer next summer. Once I have some data on that I will change and treat tranny and diff and do observation. We average 14 miles per imperial gallon. I am hoping when all treated that will increase to 16. I also treated my 2001 old 863 turbo diesel bobcat with 3000 hrs on it. It is in perfect condition. I added one tube and run it for 5 hrs. I changed oil and added another tube. My observation is definite power boost. I work this machine hard plowing into dirt banks. As I am plowing in and lifting the bucket the machine will almost stall and usually I do stall it a couple of times per hr. With the gel in I never even came close to stalling. I am expecting easier cold weather starts. Next summer I will treat the rest of the oil reservoirs in that machine. I decided to treat my wifes 2010 escape. I put in 1 tube and she drove it for 500 kilometers. I changed oil and and added another tube. I told my wife to let me know any changes she noticed. Very shortly she explained that the transmission was shifting funny. I was expecting that may happen as the computer senses a change in power dynamics and starts relearning shift patterns and adjusting fuel air ratios. I happened to be driving as we went on a 300 kilometer drive one day and noticed fuel economy had gone down drastic. The transmission was shifting horrid and idle was extremely rough. Since there is a problem in the escapes with throttle position sensors that causes the computor to react in this way, I thought it may be that. If it was that, things would continue to worsen until I changed the sensor. If it was the gel, things would relearn and the problem would fix itself. It has been a 1000 kilometers since and the car has had no more shifting issues. fuel economy is amazing again. I imagine better than before, although have not had a chance to long distance check. It definitely spins over faster in the cold weather. 25 below here right now. After I get a good read next spring on fuel ecconomy, I will treat the tranny and get more data. When it is cold here we leave vehicles run, if we are going to use them within 2 hrs. I believe on the idle is where we get a huge advantage with ceramics. Although no hard data-it certainly appears that way so far. If you did not understand anything I wrote here-feel free to contact me anytime. I find this extremely interesting. Also, if you think my adding methods could improve feel free to let me know. I am only putting the 2 tubes in the bobcat diesel as it is in excellant condition and half the size of the 7.3.
Alden Toles, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ok so I'm not big on doing reviews but for Certech Gels transmission repair gel I have to. I have a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer 4wd 4.2l with 135,000 miles with some bolt-on parts and a tuner. I live in Minnesota where the weather is really hard on all transportation. I was have an issue with gear hunting. Witch means that the transmission and the engine search to find the right gear at a specific rpm and speed. I ordered the gel and followed the step as written besides the added step of me running the truck while adding the gel and atf. I have only put about 50 miles on since I added the gel and noticed that the transmission is not hunting at all any more. I also noticed that the truck shifts much smother locking into gears much better than any vehicle that I have ever drove. I work on vehicles all the time so I test drive them all the time. I would use this gel in anything. Thank you Bob for this wonderful product. Thank you all.
Will Marholtz, Minnesota
My son put a turbo charger on his classic Dodge Charger. I don’t think he put it in right the first time and he had to get another one. It worked pretty good, but the oil kept getting too hot. He added the CerTechGel technology to the oil and like magic, it works great with no excess heat. That sucker sure can take off!
Jerry, Monument, Colorado
I have used the Certech Gels here in Australia on a lot of vehicles, it has always produced results but mostly the results were outstanding, I have used it in auto trans giving silk smooth gear changes on old dungers! I have had unbelievable results on engines, most recently I treated an old 4cyl hilux diesel. it was so severely cooked it cracked the head and the bore was extensively and deeply scored,as usual a rebuild was more than the car was worth. We replaced the head and used Certech in the oil. The Certech quietened it down a bit but the engine was to badly damaged, I got a second bite at the apple when 500Km later the head gasket blew for some reason and started blowing bubbles out the radiator [I believe because 2 cylinders were week] with the head of I used one tube of gels to smear the bores and dropped the head on. the results were incredible, the rattles were gone, the engine was no longer jumping around, it ran smooth with more power and no smoke. I could of treated it down the injector holes but we already had the head of.The owner worked with me and he was very pleasantly surprised! I am a skeptic with an engineering background, I am now convinced beyond doubt this stuff works!
Paul Carberry, Australia
I have to admit, I was a bit of a skeptic when I first heard of the product. I have been a mechanic for over 40 years and always been taught the only way to repair a problem was to replace the worn parts. I did some testing on my own with a worn out Yamaha 80cc quad that had been handed down through 4 kids that rode it hard and even flipped it a few times. The engine had excessive blow by even pushing oil past the oil filler cap. It was very bad. On top of that the clutches in the trans were also starting to slip. I used the product as directed and we turned my youngest son loose for the day. He had been riding in the desert for a couple hours when I noticed the usual blue smoke was not coming from the exhaust and no oil residue from around the filler cap was present. My first thought was it must be low on oil, but after checking the dipstick still read full. We still have the quad, and yes it still is running 6 years later, and I haven't had to add one drop of oil, thanks to Bob and his Certech Gel.
Ken Conaway, Kingman, Arizona
Lots more power! I put the CerTechGel technology into my 1999 Ford F150 and I felt the difference within the first 10 miles. Driving on the freeway, I have to back off the accelerator to keep it down to 65 mph. The engine runs a lot smoother and the CerTechGel technology quieted the noise under the hood.
Freddie Parrilla, Cypress, California
Since I started using CerTech Gels, I haven't had to top up my oil for 3 months. Engine is quieter and I can feel more power from my l1l 4 cyl.
Elah Villager, Australia
After using the CerTech Gels the way they said and putting about 700 miles on the car, our 1985 Volvo no longer smokes and it runs like when we got it. I did not think it would work, but I saved a ton by not having to buy a new car. It really works.
Bill Davis,
I’ve used CerTech Gel in the crankcase of my 1995 Ford 350 van that was tired & i was looking at an expensive overhaul or parking it. I put CerTech Gel in about 7000 miles ago, I’ve got to tell you, the performance of my engine has drastically improved, I’m no longer considering an overhaul or any major repairs. I’m a happy customer and would recommend CerTech, its a cheap solution to repairing your engine – it really works.