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just back from a 12 day journey in the 22year old ford falcon. we did about 2500KM. the certech is still working miracles, it feels smoother, and using much less oil; in fact about normal now, it was leaking oil down the front of the head from the camshaft bung; so after a few hundred Kms of treatment I cleaned a strip and drove a few hundred kilometers, you can now run your finger along the front of the head it is bone dry; yet below you can see the old residue oil with dust stuck to it, so I lift the bonnet and show people this. it proves the crankcase pressure has dropped. I also put it into my auto trans which used to thump when changing gears; now unless your under heavy aceleration you can`t tell when it changes gear; it`s silk smooth!
Paul Carberry, Australia
Bob, thanks to your ceramic gel, I'm a happy Jeeper. I bought a 1993 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5 four cylinder engine. It ran awful. I did a compression check and had blowby in the #4 cylinder. Cost of rebuild was $900 if I brought the engine to them. So I bought a used engine for $500 from a man who just wanted to upgrade to a six cylinder for more power for rock climbing. then I found out about Certech gelsand I decided to try it before swapping engines. Worth a try, right? Did what you told me on the phone. Engine runs great. No more blowby and has even compression on all 4 cylinders. As you know I ordered more gel to put in some lawn mower engines. Will let you know how that works for me. Can hardly wait to try it.
Dean Kilgore, Poteet, TX
This powerful product saved my engine from premature death! When my mechanic checked my oil he said, "How long have you been driving it because there is not a drop of oil in this engine!". I said that I had driven it from Battle Creek to Three Rivers Michigan... maybe further! Then I thought back to the day that I had treated my engine with Certech Gels and the protection that it immediately provided! Thanks Certech Gels!
Miles Fitzpatrick, Lansing, Michigan
I was afraid I was going to have to have an expensive engine overhaul. My Isuzu Trooper has over 165,000 original miles. I put the CerTechGel technology in it and it runs so much smoother. The CerTechGel technology saved it from the bone yard. Believe me, with this economy, the last thing I needed to do was go out shopping for a replacement. Thanks to the CerTechGel technology, my Trooper has a lot of miles left in it. It worked so well that I am going to treat all fo my family and friends cars. I just bought a treatment for my old Toyota.
Lot, Temecula, California